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Stanview Financial Bank - SECURITY CENTRE

Stanview Financial Bank will not request you to provide confidential information on a website or by clicking a link.
We have observed an increase in attempts by fraudsters to deceive customers into divulging confidential information such as passwords, secret questions and answers, etc via fraudulent transaction notification emails.

-Don't disclose your PIN to anyone.
-Use trusted websites when making payments online.

Secure your debit card

-Password-protect your mobile device.
-Avoid using banking apps on public Wi-Fi.
-Do not click on unsolicited links and attachments.
-Make Sure to Manually Log Out of all Sessions.

Secure your mobile banking app

-Do not disclose your login details.
-Make Sure to Manually Log Out of all Sessions in the browser.
-Never store banking information on your phone.
-Don't login using public computers.

Secure your internet banking details

How can I avoid a scam?
We list some activities below that we perform in order to safeguard your data and some tips that you can follow to protect your security.
We employ industry-proven standards and technologies to protect information in our computing environment.
• We protect our systems and networks from the Internet with Firewall systems.
• We use 128-bit SSL encryption technology to protect sensitive information that is transmitted over the Internet.
• We maintain a Global Digital Certificate signed by Verisign® that assures you are, in fact, communicating directly withStanview Financial Bank.
• We control access to your information inside our company by limiting employee access to systems and data.
Protect your username and password. Avoid choosing easily guessed words or numbers. Avoid writing your Sign In information in a place where others can view it.
• Use the “Sign Out” button to Sign Out from Online Account Access upon completion of your session and close your browser.
• Review your statement information regularly for unauthorized transactions.
Phishing is an internet scam (spoof) in the form of an email or pop-up box. The emails and pop-ups link to sites that look like well-known legitimate businesses and ask you to provide and confirm personal, financial, or password information.
• Legitimate businesses do not ask for this information unless you initiate a request for a service.
Please DO NOT RESPOND to these emails requesting personal identity, accounts or password information.
• Scam emails often contain misspelled words, poor grammar, awkward or unprofessional writing and typos.
• Be suspicious of urgent or alarming appeals that request security information.
• If you believe you have received a phishing email that claims to be fromStanview Financial Bank forward the suspicious email to [email protected]
• To learn other ways to avoid email scams and deal with deceptive spam visit the Federal Trade Commission site at